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Quality legal representation is the first and most important step one should take if charged with a DUI in South Georgia. An experienced DUI defense attorney can help have the charges reduced — or in some situations — thrown out.

No matter what city you were charged with drunk driving - whether here in Moultrie or in the sorrounding towns of Adel, Sparks, and Tifton — a DUI is something that should be addressed with a professional from the beginning.

A DUI charge brings with it numerous collateral consequences. What I mean by that is that the underlying criminal case leads to issues with having your driver’s license suspended, which can lead to loss of employment. Because of the high stakes involved, there are many misconceptions surrounding what it takes to fight a drunk driving charge.

At our free case evaluation, I will put together a plan to address these collateral consequences. You should reach out to our office as soon as you receive a DUI citation. There are time limits in place which restrict your ability to challenge a driver’s license suspension after 30 days from the issuance of the notice for administrative license suspension (Form 1205).

Over the past ten years, I have learned that no two DUI citations are exactly the same. One consideration is the jurisdiction where you were charged. Cook County, Tift County, Turner County, and Colquitt County may all have slightly different laws. The reasons why someone may be cited for a DUI are all over the map. An important question often becomes whether or not there is any basis to associate the alleged driving violation with impairment by drugs or alcohol. For that reason, we begin working on your case by gathering every single piece of evidence in existence in order to give the client the best possible chance to successfully challenge the government’s case.

No consultation fee is required for you to come in and let us take a look at your specific South Georgia DUI charges. After a preliminary evaluation of the facts, we will offer a clear analysis of your case. I have the training, knowledge, experience, and skills to help you fight your drunk or drugged driving case in court.

Give me a call to schedule an appointment at our office. Allow me to answer your questions and relieve some of the stress associated with all of the unknowns and flat out misconceptions which come with a DUI arrest. Contact attorney Hayden Willis today.

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