Speeding Tickets

A simple speeding ticket can often result in a big headache. The underlying issue associated with receiving a speeding ticket is the associated increase in your insurance premiums (between 18 and 53 percent). If you or someone you know has been cited for pressing too far down on the accelerator, it is essential for you to seek out competent legal representation to protect your rights before you pay your speeding ticket fine.


The State of Georgia has a point system and speeding tickets can adversely affect your license and your insurance premiums. Under Georgia law, piling up multiple traffic citations can result in suspension of your Georgia driver’s license. In order to protect your driving privileges, you should consider using an experienced traffic defense attorney. Hayden Willis understands the nuances of the traffic court process in South Georgia. He will make every reasonable effort to help lower your speeding ticket and protect your driver’s license from accumulating points. Hayden Willis will seek to negotiate with the proper attorneys and court personnel to have your speed reduced so that your ticket is not submitted to the State of Georgia.


New Super Speeder Law: The Georgia legislature recently enacted a “super speeder” law which imposes another hefty fine. Under the new “super speeder” law, motorists caught driving at a high rate of speed (the actual speed varies depending on the type of road) must pay two fines, one fine to the county in which they are charged, and an additional fine to the State.


Counties Served: Cook, Tift, Turner, Thomas, Worth, and Colquitt


Types of Violations Handled:


Speeding Tickets

Whether your radar detection device didn’t work, you had your cruise control set and missed the sign dropping the speed limit, or you were just running late and in too much of a hurry, we’ve all been there. I can help you avoid the lasting consequences associated with these unfortunate lapses.


Under 21 Years of Age License Suspensions

According to O.C.G.A. Section 40-5-57.1(a), a person under the age of 21 can have their license suspended for any offense for which four or more points are assessable. What does this mean? If you are under 21 and charged with a serious traffic offense, you should consult an attorney before pleading guilty or nolo. Otherwise, you could be looking at a minimum of a six month license suspension. Further, anyone under 21 charged with underage possession of alcohol is subject to this suspension.


Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL)

As a commercial truck driver, getting points on your license directly affects your employment status. With some insurance companies deciding to drop commercial drivers who accumulate more than 2 points on their license, it is critical that you seek legal representation. The complications associated with obtaining and maintaining a CDL are plentiful and the penalties associated with traffic citations are usually more stringent.

DDS Suspensions

Equipment Violations

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

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