Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

If you have questions about criminal charges you are facing or if you would like to speak with me to discuss your legal options, I’ll be glad to meet with you and discuss the specific details of the problem.  You should be looking for an advocate who will design a legal strategy to suit your precise situation, whether you are facing charges of drunk driving, drug possession, domestic disputes or other criminal offenses.

I have seen folks struggle to find employment or get into school because they didn’t fight to keep their record clean.  Due to the increasing ease with which the public can research your criminal history, it is imperative to know and exercise your rights.

A criminal record often follows an individual for the rest of his or her life.  For that reason, it is almost never a good idea to discuss your case with law enforcement or sign a statement relating to a criminal investigation without an attorney present.  Call me before deciding to take on even a seemingly minor offense on your own.  I will do my level best to provide straightforward answers and to alleviate any fears you may have.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance, even a small amount of marijuana, you need to be advised regarding your legal rights and options.  I have the proven capability to successfully represent clients in an efficient and professional manner.

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