About Us


When I started my own law practice, I knew that there were things clients expect but are not getting when they choose to hire a lawyer.  For that reason, I made a commitment to find new and better solutions based on each individual’s need.  I understand that the results we achieve will have a lasting impact on the client’s life.  I’m a believer in direct contact with the client.  For that reason, I make the time to meet with you when it is most convenient for your schedule.

Our office is located in Moultrie, but we represent clients all over South Georgia.  I represent motorists charged with speeding, license infractions, and drunk driving.  I represent families going through divorce and child custody disputes.  I help these clients by focusing my attention on the specific details of their case.  My starting point is to make sure you feel informed and supported at all times.

I don’t make things unnecessarily complicated.  Yet, I rely on technology when it helps provide powerful defenses for charges such as speeding, drunk driving, and drug crimes.  We also offer thorough and collaborative representation in the most challenging divorce and child custody cases.  I’m ready to help in any way that I can, call 1-229-668-0379.

Contact Hayden Willis to set up an initial consultation. Call 1-229-668-0379.

Your divorce case or child custody matter involves a unique set of facts and legal issues which requires a thorough review. I try to offer a common sense approach in this area. Too often, intense emotions related to the divorce distract from focusing on getting the best possible result for the future. I seek to help clients navigate the divorce process by offering a big picture approach and implementing a strategy that suits your particular set of facts.

When children are involved, I will always seek to promote what is in their best interests. The health, education, religious training, and overall welfare of children of divorcing parents is my highest priority. I have experience working on highly contested and complex custody disputes that involve issues of substance abuse, mental illness, special needs, domestic abuse and child abuse.


Moultrie, GA